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Early Printing

100 B.C.E- Acta Diurna in Ceasar’s Rome
c.e. 105 Rag-based paper invented in China
282 BC The Library of Alexandria is established in Egypt
131 BC The first newspaper, the Acta Diurna, was published in Rome
48 BC The Library of Alexandria is burnt down
700 Arab traders introduce paper to the West
868 The oldest known printed book, "The Diamond Sutra" is produced in China
1000 Movable clay type invented in China
2000 The first known librarian, Amit Anu
1234 movable metal type invented in Korea
1338 First Paper Mill opened in France
1400 Johannes Gutenberg is born
1453 Johannes Gutenberg invents the moveable printing press
1455 Johann Gutenberg Bible published
1500- By now over 242 printing presses existed in the world
1584-The Cambridge University Press began operation. It is the world's oldest publisher and printer.


1609-First newspapers in Europe
1602 The Bodley, the first lending library is established
1620 Corantos, first news sheet published
1625 First advertisement appears in English newspaper
1625- Broadsides

1629- First Printing Press Brought to America (Cambridge Mass.)

Printing Press

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1639 The first books are published in the American Colonies- "Freedom's Oath" and "An Almanack"
1640- Puritans publish the Bay Psalm Book
1638 First printing press in the colonies
1638 First library in America- The Harvard University Library
1640 Diurnos, first daily newspaper published
1641- Diurnals
1644 The Whole Booke of Psalms, first book printed in the colonies.
external image psalmsbook.jpg

1665- Oxford Gazette
1663 The first magazine in the world is published, "//Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen"//
1690 Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick, first newspaper in AmericaFeldstein-1.jpg


1704 First classified newspaper ad appears
1721 New England Courant published by James Franklin without goverment permission.

New England Courant
1723- Pennsylvania Gazette Published

Pennsylvania Gazette
external image The_Pennsylvania_Gazette_-_1729-9-25_-_Project_Gutenberg_etext_20203.jpg

1729 Benjamin Franklin and Hugh Meredith purchase The Universal Instructor in all Arts and Sciences and Pennsylvania Gazette

Pennsylvania Gazette
1729- Ben Franklin published "A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper- Currency"
1731 The Gentleman’s Magazine, first general interest magazine published in London
1731- Ben Franklin founds first public library.
1732 Poor Richards Almanack
1734- The Zenger Trial

1735- Peter Zenger Jailed for publishing news openly critical of British Officials

1741 First magazines appear in the American colonies
1765 Stamp Act
1774 Thomas Paine writes Common Sense

1774- James Wilson Publishes “ Considerations on the Nature and extent of the Legislature Authority of British Parliament

1783 The first daily newspaper emerged

The Pennsylvania Evening Post
external image bunker-hill-front-page.jpg
1791- The first amendment on the Constitution

1792- The First Literary Journal for Women
1796 German Alois Senefelder develops lithography, a method of image transfer that produces high-quality printed images
1798- The Alien and Sedition Acts


1800 Continuous roll paper
1807John Wiley & Sons established

1811 Steam Powered printing press
1813- Congress establishes the U.S.Government Printing Office to allow all Americans access to the work of the three branches of government.
1817 Harper Brothers established
1821- Saturday Evening Post
1822 First mechanical typesetting device is invented by William Church

1827 First African American Newspaper Freedoms Journal Emerges
1828 – First Native American newspaper in U.S Cherokee Phoenix

1828 – Noah Webster publishes first dictionary
1829 The first encyclopedia in America, "//Encyclopaedia Americana,"// is published in Philadelphia
1830 R.Hoe and Company build a steam powered printing press
1833- The penny press
1835 Paperback books begin being published by Penguin Books
1836- William McGuffey publishes the first reading textbooks.
1839- Improved pulp making

1840’s- Textbooks, Medical, Reference, and Engineering books become popular.
1844- Introduction of the telegraph

Textbooks of the 40's
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Steam Powered Printing Press
external image Rotary_Press.jpg
1850- Haper's
1841- Horace Greeley founded the New York Tribune
1846 Rotary type invented in United States
1847- Frederick Douglass’s North Star
1848 Associated Press wire news service begins operation

1850 P.T Barnum starts running newspaper ads for Jenny Lind
1851 The Post Office starts offering a special cheap newspaper
1851 "The New York Times" makes its debut for a penny a copy
1852 Stowe's Uncle Toms Cabin
1856- The New York Associated Press
1857- Atlantic Monthly
1860 Publication of the dime novel begins
1861- U.S. achieves highest literacy rate in the world
1863 Rotary Web-Fed letterpress invented by William Bullock
1865 Web Offset can print on both sides of paper at once

1867- The magazine Harper's Bazaar premieres.
1868- Vanity Fairmagazine begins.
Vanity Fair

1870 Domestic novels aimed at women emerged
1870 Paper is now mass manufactures from wood pulp.
1873- Anthony Comstock established the New York Society for Suppression of Vice
1878 Photogravure printing invented by Karl Klic
1879 Postal Act

1880-1/3 of all books published in the U.S are paperback

Paperback books
external image used_paperback_books.jpg
1883- Ladies Home Journal begins.
1883- Pulitzer’s New York World, yellow journalism

1884 Linotype Machines
Workers Working On linotype machine

1885 Offset Lithography
1886- Cosmopolitan magazine begins.
1888 National Geographic Magazine is launched in the U.S.
National Geographic

1889- Wall Street Journal
1891 The copyright act of 1891 prohibits the reprinting of English titles in paperback form, making paperbacks virtually nonexistent
1892- Vogue’s first issue

1893 The Royal Baking Powder Company becomes the biggest newspaper advertiser in the world

1894 Kipling’s The Jungle Book appears
1895 Congress establishes the Government Printing Office
1897 Newspaper comic strips are collected and sold
1898 Newspapers, led by Hearst and Pulitzer, help push U.S. into war with Spain
1899 Gilbert Grosvenor introduces photographs to National Geographoc magazine
1899- James H. McGraw founded "The McGraw Publishing Company."


1905- Chicago Defender
1906 Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" is published, exposing the dangers of the meat packing industry
1906- Cosmopolitan’s “Treason of the Senate
1907- United Press International
1908- Christian Science Monitor
1909- International News Service
1910- Crisis
1911 The first US fan magazine Motion Picture Story Magazine debuted
1912 The first magazine for movie fans, "Photoplay," is debuted
1914- Audit Burea of Circulations founded
1917-1918 Government impose censorship on newspapers during World War I
1920 Time becomes the first weekly news magazine
1920 KDKA is Pittsburgh gets first commercial radio license
1920 Tabloid journalism flourishes in big
1922 Readers Digest Magazine founded
- first printed in a Greenwich Village basement in New York City, 5 Feb 1922
1922 First advertisement on radio
1923 Time Magazine launched
1925- New Yorker

1926 Book of the Month Club begins.
external image Sherlock.jpg
1926 NBC becomes first radio network
1933 Esquire debuts as first mens magazine
Cover of Esquire

1935-Penguin Books (1st Paper back books in London)

1936 Life becomes first American magazine with picture
1936- Consumer Union Reports
1939 Paperback book introduced in the United States
1939- NBC unveils TV at World’s Fair

1941 Life magazine plays important role in reporting WW II
1942 John H. Johnson starts Negro Digest
1948 Television competes with newspapers as visual news medium
1950 Advertising shifts from magazines to television

1950 The National Book Awards
1953 Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopia novel by Ray Bradbury

1953 Playboy magazine introduced; Marilyn Monroe is first centerfold
external image Playboy_magazine_entertainment_for_men_marilyn_monroe.jpg
1955 Guinness Book of Records published
Guinness Book of World Records

1956- Collier’s closes
1960 Paperback sales surpasses hardbacks for the first time
1964- Marshall McLuhan published "Understanding Media".
1967 Rolling Stone and New York Magazine debut, spawning the popularity of special interest and regional magazines
1969- Saturday Evening Post closes
1970 Niche magazines begin boom continues into 1900s
1970- Newspaper Preservation Act
1971- Look Closes
1972 L//ife// magazine died; came back as monthly from 1978 to 2000
1974 //People// magazine introduced
1978 Christian Women magazine makes its debut.
1980 Number of publishers increases from 1,970 to 12,000
1982 USA today launched
1993 First e-book, On Murder Considered as one of the Fine Arts by Thomas de Quincey, is published
1994 (First online magazine)is launched
1995 owned by Microsoft) is launched
1994 For the first time, chain bookstores outsell independent stores; fears the death of smaller bookstore
1995 Amazon begins selling books on the Internet
1996, Reader's Digest was the world's most widely read magazine....over 27 million copies sold in 19 languages bought monthly.
Reader's Digest Magazine

1997 Mediamorphosis by Roger Fidler introduces the idea of media convergence
1997 JK Rowlings "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" is published
1998 enacted

1998 Newspaper sites proliferate on Internet


2000 Microsoft and Adobe set standards for e-books
2001 goes online
2001 USA patriot Act passed
2003 FCC Institutes relaxed media ownership rules
2003- Readership Institute circulation study
2003- Project Gutenberg and Search Inside the Book debut
2004 Digital epistolary novels become established
2005- Salon reaches profitability
2005- Google ignites controversy with plan to scan copyrighted books
2005- “Today, however, although more than 81,000 businesses call themselves book publishers, only a very small percentage produces four or more titles a year”- Teague
2006 Sony Reader launched
First Sony Reader

2006- ELLEgirl and Teen People close

2007 Final Harry Potter book Amazon's Kindle
Picture of Final Harry Potter Book
2007 Amzon launches Kindle, platform for reading e-books
2007 Rubert Murdoch buys Wall Street Journal
2007 Stephen King's UR written exclusively for Kindle

Added Picture of Stephen King


2008-Wal-Mart cuts 1000 titles from its magazine stock-including the Economist, Business Week, Forbes and Fortune
2009 Arena, the monthly Men magazine that revitalized the lifestyle closed in United Kingdom
2009 Dennis Publications stops publishing Maxim (United Kingdom Edition)
2009- Christian Science Monitor ceases daily publication Rocky Mountain News shuttered
2010- First Twilight Saga released
Twilight Saga Book covers