Computers, the Internet & the Web

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1822 Charles Babbage invents the computer
1871 Charles Babbage dies at the age of 79

1880 Herman Hollerith develops electronic punch card reader to do calculations
1885 Charles Babbage designs "computer"
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1939- Jan. 1, 1939 the Hewlett-Packard Co. was founded.
1941 British develop first binary computer
1942 British develop Colossus, the first electronic digital computer
1946 ENIAC, first general purpose electronic computer, goes into operation
1947 Invention of the transistor by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & Wiliam Shockley
1951 Univac becomes the first commercial computer
1951 Census Bureau makes first successful commercial use of computers
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1952 Grace Hopper develops the first computer compiler
1956 The first hard disk random access drive is created at IBM
Photo of Univac


1957 Soviet Union launches Sputnik, first human-constructed satellite
1960 Computer-based photo composition and typesetting begins
1960 Transit, first US satellite navigation system successfully tested
1960- Licklider's Man- Computer Symbiosis; IBM mainframe technology
1962 Air Force commissions Paul Baran to develop a national computer network
First communications satellite

1962 First computer game invented- "Spacewar" by Steve Russell
1964 First local area network (LAN)
1964 Douglas Englehart developed the computer mouse along with a five key "corded" keyboard
1965 Comsat satellite launched
1964- McLuhan's Understanding Media
BASIC computer language designed to provide access for non-science students

1967 The first hand-held calculator was invented
1968 The computer mouse is invented by Douglas Engelbart
1969 ARPANET, forerunner to Internet goes online
1970- Nolan Bushnell invented the first computerized video game, Computer Space.
1971 Email is invented
1971 Michael Hart launches the Gutenberg Project, an effort to digitize, archive, and distribute creative works
1971 the "floppy disk" is invented by Alan Shugart
1971 Microprocessor is developed
1972 Ray Tomlinson develops e-mail
Pong, first videogame
1973- Gary Kildallwrote a software control program he called CP/M.
1974 Term “Internet” coined
1974- Ray Kurzweil founded a company called Kurzweil Computer Products.
1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen develop operating system for personal computers
Altair, first personal computer introduced
1977 Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak perfect Apple II
First fiber optic network
1979- BITNET
1980 Desktop publishing begins
1981 IBM introduces the PC
1982 The word Internet is used for the first time ever
1983 First computer virus created by Fred Cohen
1983 AOL, originally known as Quantum Computer Services, founded
1984 Apple Macintosh becomes first graphical PC
1985 Microsoft Windows is released
1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act extended government surveillance of information from telephone calls to include transmissions of electronic data by computer
1989 Compaq Laptop computer is introduced
1990 Hypertext Protocol ( HTTP) developed in switzerland

1990 Tim Berners-Lee coined the term world wide web

1991 opens to commercial users
HTML developed
1992 World Wide Web released
1993 The first web browser, Mosaic introduced
1993 4.6 million online in U.S.
1994- Spam Appears

1994 Netscape Communications is founded
1994 Internet advertising begins
Blogging begins (est.)
1994 Yahoo is founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo
Ward Cunningham develops WikiWikiWeb
1995 Amazon begins selling books on the Internet
1995 Amazon starts selling books on the Internet
1995 9.6 million online in U.S.
1995 Douglas Engelbart, because of his invention of the mouse, becomes the first recipient of what would later become the Yuri Rubinsky Memorial Award
1995 Microsoft Internet Explorer is launched

Image of the First Internet Explorer
Ebay founded
1996 Communications Decency Act passed (later repealed by Supreme Court for First
Amendment violation)
1996 Telecommunications Act of 1996 brings V-chip, deregulation, and dramatic increase in mergers and takeovers
1996 10 million online in US
1997 Mediamorphosis by Roger Fidler introduces the idea of media convergence
1997 11 million online in US
1998 MP3 introduced
1998 Music download sites proliferate on the Internet
1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Term Extension Act enacted
1998 Newspaper sites proliferate on Internet
1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act passed (later repealed by 1998 Supreme Court for First Amendment violation)
1998 Google founded
1998 19.1 million online in US
1998 Shawn Fanning creates Napster

Interview with Shawn Fanning, creator of Napster

1999- MySpace launced
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2000 AOL acquires Time Warner
2000 The Children's Internet Protection Act passes limiting exposure to 2000 pornography and other explicit online content
2000 Napster Internet site ordered to end unauthorized file sharing
2000 Microsoft found guilty of antitrust violations
2000 Internet sales 1,200% since 1997
2000 84% of internet users are Caucasian
2000- U.S. women pass men as users
2001 “Dot-com bubble bursts” (est.) web begins to move from Web 1.0 (commercial
sites) to Web 2.0 (social sites)
2001 Apple launches iPod
2001 Code Red Worm infects almost thousands of servers
2001 is launched
2003 FCC Institutes relaxed media ownership rules
2003 Social networking web sites appear (Web 2.0)

2003 Skype
2003 500 million users online worldwide
2003 iTunes is invented and named "invention of the year" by Time Magazine
2003 The RIAA sues 261 individuals for allegedly distributing copyright music files over peer-to-peer networks
2003 CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And 2003 Marketing) Act sets US standards for the sending of commercial e-mail
2004 Facebook founded
2004 Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin receive The Marconi Foundation Prize, which is the highest award in Engineering2004 Mozilla Firefox founded
2005 YouTube launched
2005 NewsCorp buys MySpace
2006 Google buys YouTube
2006 Twitter launched
2006 Oovoo is founded
2007 Google surpasses Microsoft as the most visited website
2007- laptops outsell desktops external image toshiba-new-laptops.jpeg

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2008 Hulu launched by NBC and NewsCorp
2008 21.9% of world's population online
2008 215 million online in the U.S.
2008- Obama elected in first "Youtube election"
2009-Windows 7 is manufactured
2009- Internet Browser “Internet Explorer 8 launched”
2008- Internet surpasses newspapers as news source

2010 iTunes hits its 10 billionth song download
2010 Facebook surpasses Google as most visted website
2010- apple comes out with ipad
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2010- Greyson Chance becomes an overnight sensation from this Youtube clip.