Mobile & Wireless



1844 Samuel Morse invents telegraph
1859 Telegraph goes coast-to-coast
1865 International Telecommunication Union formed to set telegraph standards
1866 First transoceanic telegraph
1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents telephone
1877 Thomas Edison invents the phonograph
1883: U.S. and Canadian railways adopt five standardized time zones to replace the multiplicity of local times in communities across the continent
1987 Cellphone industry tops $1 Billion in revenue
1891 The first international phone call via submarine cable, London - Paris1895 Dial telephones go into Milwaukee’s city hall1899 Sprint founded


1902- The U.S. Navy installs the first radio telephone aboard ships
1903 The first International wireless conference was held in Berlin, Germany
1903- The Navy makes its first wireless installation on a battleship 1913 AT&T promises universal service, fair competition
1915 First transcontinental phone call
1921 One way Radio messaging service started by Detroit Police Department
1921 the first pager-like system was in use
1923 AT&T links two radio stations for first “network”
1929 Bell Telephone Laboratories
1930 1st branded car radio
patents coaxial cable
1935 Willy Müller invented the world's first automatic answering machine
1941 Motorola two-way radio installed in a police cruiser
1946 radiotelephone service began in the U.S.
1947 First radio-car-phones invented by AT&T, but were considered a failure
Early Phones in Cars

1951 U.S. wired coast-to-coast
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1957 Soviet Union launches Sputnik, first human-constructed satellite
1957 The Advanced Research Projects Agency created by President Dwight Eisenhower1960 Transit, first US satellite navigation system successfully tested
1962 First digital phone line installed First communications satellite First pagers

1965 Comsat satellite launched
1968 Douglas Engelbart invents mouse.
1969 first IMP arrived at UCLA
1970 Ted Nelson invents hypertext
1971 PhoneMate introduced one of the first commercially viable answering machines
1973 Ethernet networking invented by Robert (Bob) Metcalfe
1973 1st cellphone invented

1974 Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn write TCP (Trasmission Control Protocol) that leads to true "internet" connection
1977 First fiber optic network
1978 Cellular telephone service begins in United States
1979 1st walkman invented
National Telecommunications and Information Administration established
1983 the world's first commercial portable cell phone

1984 The Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association is founded
1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act extended government surveillance of information from telephone calls to include transmissions of electronic data by computer
1987 Cellphone industry tops $1 Billion in revenue
1988 One of the most important years in cell phone evolution. The Cellular Technology Industry Association is created and helps to make the industry into an empire. One of its biggest contributions is when it helped create TDMA phone technology, the most evolved cell phone yet. It becomes available to the public in 1991.1992- Donna Dubinsky and Jeff Hawkins founded Palm Inc.
1990 Tim Berners-Lee invents World Wide Web
1991 Wi-Fi internet connection created
external image 220px-Wi-Fi_Logo.svg.png
1992 First SMS message sent
1992 The FCC allocates spectrum in 2GHZ band for emerging technologies including Personal Communication Service(PCS)
1992 Number Of cellular users passes 10 million. More than 10,000 cell sites across America
1993 Marc Andreessen founds Netscape
1995 First digital cellular phones
1995 There were more than 33.8 million wireless subscribers; 13% of the US population
1995 Average consumers users 115 mins and pays $51 per month1996- The first Palm Pilot was introduced.
1995 Verizon Wirelesswas founded
1997Mediamorphosis by Roger Fidler introduces the idea of media convergence
1997 Camera phone invented by Phillipe Kahn
1999 First blackberry invented
1999 Congress passes Wireless Communication Act
1999 Public Safety Act passes


2000 Windows Millennium created
2000 Wireless subscribers in America exceeds 100 million
2001 Apple releases iPod
2002 MySpace founded
2002 First color screen cell phone introduced in U.S.
2003 FCC Institutes relaxed media ownership rules
2003 Skype released
2004 Facebook founded
2006 At&t forms merger with Bell South
2007 Apple releases iPhone
2007 Kindle was introduced
2007Oovoo was released
2008 Near half (46%) of Americans get political/campaign news online
2009 Verizon introduces DROID
2010 Apple introduces iPad

2010 Apple introduces new MacBook air
2010 Apple introduces the new apple TV
2010 Samsung Galaxy Tabis released
2010 State of Maryland becomes 7th state to passes bill to ban cell phone use while driving
2011 Blackberry introduces new PlayBook