Radio & Recorded Music

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1836 Electromagnetism's main discover Andre-Marie Ampere, dies at the age of 63
1844 Samuel Morse invents Telegraph
1860- Scott’s phonautograph
1864- James Clerk Maxwell mathematically demonstrates possibility of radio waves
1872 Thomas Edison invents automatic telegraph
1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents telephone
Picture of Alexander Graham Bell

1877 Thomas Edison demonstrates phonograph
1877 Thomas Edison demonstrates "talking machine"
1877 Berliner develops gramophone
1878 Cornetist Jules Levy plays "Yankee Doodle" and it becomes the first music put on record
1878 David Edward Hughes becomes the first ever to transmit and receive radio waves
1879 James Clerk Maxwell dies at the age of 48
1886 Heinrich Hertz discovered "Hertzian Waves"
1887 Berliner develops microphone
Picture of Berliner
1887 Gramophone invented by Emilie Berniner
1887 The "platter" record is born
1888 Hertz first transmits and receives radio waves
1888 Edison introduces an electric motor-driven phonograph
1891 Use of Radio at sea for navigation
1890 Edouard Branly discovers Radioconduction
1894 Heinrich Hertz dies
1895 Marconi accomplishes wireless radio transmission from Italy to America
1896 Guglielmo Marconi develops radio transmitter
1896 Nikola Tesla invents a spark radio transmitter
1898 A loudspeaker is invented
1899- Marconi sends wireless signal across the English Channel


1900 David Edward Hughes dies at the age of 69
1901 Guglielmo Marconi sends and receives radio message across the Atlantic
1903 Sailing ships provided with news broadcast for the first time
1903 12" records released by the Victor Monarch label
1905 The Jukebox is invented with 24 songs
1906 "I Am the Edison" phonograph by Len Spencer
1906 Reginald Aubrey Fessenden makes first sound broadcast
1909 Marconi is awarded the Nobel prize for Physics
1910 Wireless Ship Act
1912 Radio Act
1912 Marconi invents the Multiple Spark System
1916- Sarnoff sends Radio Music Box Memo
1919 First clear transmission of a human voice
1919 The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) is founded
1919- Navy developed sleet-melting device for antennas at Annapolis and other highpower radio stations
1920 Frank Conrad starts KDKA in Pittsburgh
1920's first electron mass medium
1920 The first ever commercial AM radio broadcast is made by KDKA, Pittsburgh PA.
1921 The Shortwave Radio is invented
1922 A live audience is used for the first time for "The Perfect Fool"

1922- Almost 1 million radios were in American Homes

1922 North Carolina radio station as well as the first commercial station in the Southeast broadcasts
1922 First commercial announcement broadcast on radio
1922 There are 379 radio stations stations
1923- Edwin Armstrong invented the world's first potable radio.
1925 Electric players introduced
1925- The Tabernacle Choir began performing over the radio during their rehearsals on Thursday evenings.
1925- March 4, 1925, Calvin Coolidge was the first president to have his inaugural ceremony broadcasted over national radio.
1926 NBC begins radio network broadcasting
1927 NBC's Orange Network is founded
1927 Radio Act
Network radio competes with newspapers for advertising revenue
1927 AM radio stations allocated
CBS begins radio network broadcasting
Advertising support becomes dominant in radio
1930 Car radios are introduced commercially
1931 Thomas Edison dies at the age of 84 with over 1,000 patents to his credit
1933 President Roosevelt addresses the nation with the first "Fireside Chat"
1933 Edwin Howard Armstrong develops FM radio
1933 Federal Communications Commision (FCC) is established
1934 Communications Act
1935 Franklin Delano Roosevelt debuts fireside chats on radio
1937 Guglielmo Marconi dies; radios around the world observe two minutes of silence
1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast stuns US
1939 First FM radio station started in New Jersey
1941 Muddy Waters's first recording session
1941- Pearl Harbor attack was reported by radio.
1942 First Gold Disc presented to Glenn Miller for the song "Chattanooga Choo Choo"
1942 Voice of America (radio station) begins broadcasts in many languages
1942 The first stereo tape recordings are introduce by Helmut Kruger for German Radio in Berlin
1943 ABC begins radio network broadcasting
1946- Gls return from Germany with tape recorder
1947 Magnetic audiotape developed by 3M
1947 Radio networks begin to lose ground to TV

1947- Columbia records introduce 33 1/3 rpm records. (can record about 20 min)

33 1/3 records
external image record_player.gif

1948 33 and 45 rpm record formats introduced
1948 Transistor radio is invented
1949- Development of the DJ
1950 Two-channel tape recorders are introduced
1953 Elvis Presley's first recording
1954 First "pocket radio" is introduced
1954 The first commercial 2-track stereo tapes are released
1955 First rock ‘n’ roll song to top the chart: Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock."
1956 Elvis Presley recieves his first gold record over 1 million sold
Elvis Presley

1957 Stereo LP's become available by Audio Fidelity
1958 RCA introduced a new cartridge recorder
1958 Perry Como receives first ever gold plaque from RIAA
1958 Catalog of tapes are released

1958- Separate Channels/Tracks recorded onto one audiotape

1959 Player/recorder units were finally being shipped to distributors
1961 RCA introduces portable units and playback-only units
1961 FM stereo broadcasting is approved by FCC
Photo of Records
1962 Cassette tapes introduced

Photo of Cassette Tapes

1962 The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers sets the standard for the time code format
1962 First communication satelite Telestar is launched
1962 The Beatles first recording session
1963 Philips introduces the Compact Cassette tape format
1964 The Beatles come to America

1965- Stereo 8 (8track) introduced.

8 track

external image eight-track_dolby_sm.jpg

1965 Musicassettes are released

1967 Recordings shifted from Analog to Digital
1967- Jimi Hendrix becomes an international superstar, and comes out with major hits like "Hey Joe," "Purple Haze," and "The Wind Cries Mary".

Digital Tape Recorder
1970 FM radio stations begin targeting segmented audiences
1971- Rock Band Led Zepplin famous song "Stairway To Heavy" hits airwaves.
1972 Clear Channel Radio is founded
1973- Musical band Pink Floyd comes out with highly successful album "Dark Side of the Moon"
1975 The first Pop video ever, Bohemian Rhapsody is released by Queen

1975 first pop video was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, released in 1975
1976 The boom box is invented
1976 first Platinum album certified by the RIAA was The Eagles' Their Greatest Hits
1976 The first 16-bit digital recording in the U.S.
1978 Digital audio and video recording adopted as media industry-standard
1980 The Walkman is invented
1980 After President Reagan is elected, CBC played the song "It's My Party" by Leslie Gore for 18 hours straight
1981 Philips demonstrates the Compact Disc
1982 The CD, first digital music recording medium is introduced
1982 Sony releases the CDP-101 which is the first CD player ever
1984 Cassette sales for the first time exceeded LP sales
1984 Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" becomes first multi-platinum album by the RIAA.
1984 Michael Jackson's Thriller remains at number one on Billboard 200 album chart for thirty-seven weeks and spent a record 80 consecutive weeks, more than a year and a half, in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200
1985 Marconi's first experiment with Hertzian Waves
1987 Global Positioning Sattelites constellation of sattelites is launched
1987- MP3 developed
1990 Sirius Satellite Radio is founded as Satellite CD Radio, Inc.
1990 "Ice Ice Baby" from Vanilla Ice, goes on Billboard Chartsand becomes the first hip hop single to top the Billboard Charts
1990 Green Day Band
Picture of GreenBand

1990 Nirvana Band
1991 Apple releases the "QuickTime" multimedia format
1993 The internet radio is invented
Picture of Nirvana Band

1996- Telecommunications Act
1997 Mediamorphosis by Roger Fidler introduces the idea of media convergence

1998 MP3ntroduced
1998 Music download sites proliferate on the Internet
1998 Shawn Fanning creates Napster


2000 LimeWire's innitial release
2000 BET Media empire sold to media giant Viacom
2000 Napster Internet site ordered to end unauthorized file sharing
2001- Satellite radio beginsexternal image roadyxt-delphi-satellite-radio-xm-channel-500x433.jpg
2001 Apple launches iPod

Photo of First Ipod
2002- terrestrial digital radio
2003 FCC Institutes relaxed media ownership rules
2003 Itunes goes online
Picture of Itunes
2004 Frostwire is created by creators of limewire in response to legal allegations.
2008 Rapper Lil' Wayne sell $1 million albums in a week
2010 limewire gets shutdown
2010 Apple releases the new generations of iPod touch, iPod nano, and iTunes