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1816 Joseph Nicephore Niepce produces color images
1832 Hercules Florence develops a process called photographie, using a matrix negative/positive and silver nitrate on paper

1839- Henry Fox Talbots invents calotype, a paper film process (Several Sounds of Exposure)

1939 Louis Daguerre invents daguerreotype, a process of recording images on polished metal plates coded in silver iodide
1939 William Henry Fox Talbot invents the calotype, a paper film process
1841-William Henry Fox Talbot patented the calotype
1857 The first Presidential Inauguration is photographed

James Buchanan Inauguration

1877- Edward Muybridge takes “still” pictures of a moving horse
1891- Edison’s Kinetoscope
1884- Nipkow invents his disc

1884 George Eastman replaces photographic plates with film
1887- Goodwin’s celluloid roll film
1888 – George Eastman introduces the Kodak camera
1888 Edison develops motion picture camera
1888 First silent film, which was approx. 2 seconds long

1889- Eastman’s easy-to-use camera

1890s- George Melies, Began show sequential shots.

George Melies
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1893 Thomas Edison builds Black Maria, first movie studio in US
1893 William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson invents the film strip
1894 America's first movie house opens
1895 The invention of the first motion picture camera by a Frenchman Louis Lumiere
1895 Antoine Lumiere began projecting films for the paying public
1896 Lumière Brothers debut cinématographe
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1896 Edison showed his improved Vitascope projector and it was the first commercially, successful, projector in the U.S
1898- Edison Company sends cameraman to film scenes of the Spanish-American War


1900 First known use of the word "television" by Constantin Perskyi
1901- 1st transatlantic telegrapgic radio transmission introduced
1902 George Mlis introduced special effects in the first science fiction film, "A Trip to the Moon"
1903 The Great Train Robbery (Edwin S. Porter) introduced audiences to editing, intercutting scenes, and mobile camera shots.

1905 The Nickelodeon is opened in Pittsburgh as the first theatre showing only films
1906 Audion tube invented by Lee de Forest
1906- The first animated film was Humorous Phases of Funny Faces
1907- First film makers go to the west coast to film in Los Angeles
1908 Thomas Edison founded the Motion Picture Patents Company known as the Trust.
1909 Copyright Act of 1909
1910 - Narrative films become most popular in the world.
-First ever movie stunt with a man jumping into the Hudson River
Picture of first movie stunt
1911 First end credits in a movie
1912 Oliver Twist is released as the first US silent feature film to last over an hour
1914 First movie palace is opened in Manhattan
1914 Charlie Chaplin releases his first film, "Making a Living"
1915 Lincoln Motion Picture Company established, first black production company
1915 Birth of a Nation, first feature film
1916 Birth of a Race opens in response to D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation
1919 Oscar Micheaux becomes the first African American to produce a feature length film

Birth of a Race excerpt

1919 Silent films begin
1920 The Big 5 (20th Century-Fox, RKO Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Loews (MGM) ) and the Little 3 (Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and United Artists ) become the major film studios in the US
1920 The Debut of Thomas Cat has often been credited as the first color cartoon

1920- The first scandal is seen as Mary Pickford divorces Douglas Fairbanks

Mary Pickford Douglas Fairbanks
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1920's self Regulation Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Of America

1922 US film industry institutes voluntary censorship
1922 Hays office opens
external image Hays_GovPort_f.jpg
1923- Zworykin demonstrates electronic Iconoscope tube

1925 First television transmission
1925 The Phantom of the Opera is released by Universal Pictures
1926 Scottish inventor John L. Baird first telecasted an object in motion in England
1926 Talking films introduced
1927 Jazz Singer First Talking Film YouTube - Al Jolson - Mammy (The Jazz Singer) 1927
1927 Philo Farnsworth transmit the first television picture
Philo Farnsworth applies for TV patent
1927 First long distance use of television conducted by Bell Telephone and the U.S. Department of Commerce
1927 William Paley creates CBS from a 16-affiliate radio network

1928 General Electric began the first regular broadcast station, WGY, in Schenectady, New York
1928 First television station license issued to Charles Jenkins
1928 The first speaking cartoon with synchronized sound was Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie
1928 First Mickey Mouse film is debuted by Walt Disney; "Plane Crazy"
1929 First TV Studio opened by John Baird
1930 Earliest talking 'Looney Tune' called Sinkin' in the Bathtub
1930 Charles Jenkins broadcasts first TV commercial, but is fined
1930 Moral Standards Motion Picture Production Code
1930 Looney Tunes, the greatest cartoon of all time, premiers on television for the first time

1932 Walt Disney Produces first full color movie Flowers and Trees
Flowers and Trees

1933 the world's //first// drive-in theatre opened in Camden, N.J.
1933 Twentieth Century Fox signed 5 year-old Shirley Temple
1934 Federal Communications Act
1934 The //first// full-color, live-action short was released - La Cucaracha
1934 Motion Picture Code
1936 First electronic television service appears in Britain
1937 17 experimental television stations emerged
1937 Walt Disney produces first animated feature Snow White
Snow White

1939 TV sets made by Dumont Company
1939 "Gone With the Wind" is released
1939 Television is demonstrated at New York’s World Fair
1939 Televising a regular athletic event was tried for the first time
1939 Radio Corporation of America becomes the first public broadcast station
1939 "The Wizard of Oz" is released
1940 Tom and Jerry's first episode is aired

1940 Disney releases its 2nd feature film, "Pinocchio"
1940 Walt Disney's "Fantasia" is released, with eight-track stereophonic sound
1941 CBS begins television network broadcasting
NBC begins television network broadcasting
1941 The First Superman short, Superman was premiered
1941 "Citizen Kane" is released
941 Alfred Hitchcock wins Best Picture for his first American film, "Rebecca"
1941 First TV commercial offically broadcast

1942 Dr. Edwin H. Land introduces a new camera, The Polariod Camera
1942 "Casablanca" is released
1946 Knicks win first ever NBA game aired on TV

1947 “Hollywood 10” are cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to give testimony to the House Committee on Un-American Activities and are subsequently denied employment based on their alleged membership in or sympathy toward the American Communist Party
1947- HUAC convenes

1947 The kinescope was the first used in 1947 to record TV programs
1947 Magnetic audiotape developed by 3M
1947 Radio networks begin to lose ground to TV
1948 Debut of "The Ed Sullivan Show" in June
1948 Cable television invented
Television competes with newspapers as visual news medium
ABC begins television network broadcasting
1948- Television freeze; Walson begins CATV
1949 FCC
1949 The first Presidential Inauguration was televised.
Harry S. Truman's Inauguration

1950 Red Channels: The Communist Influence in Radio and Television ruins careers
1950 CBS broadcasts in color to 25 television sets
1950 Children’s programming on Saturday morning television
  • 1950 Advertising shifts from magazines to television
First swear words appear on US television, Arthur Godfrey Show

1951 The half-hour sitcom "I Love Lucy" aires for the first time

external image i-love-lucy.jpg
1951 Color television sets go on sale
1952 The Miracle Case
1952 National Association of Broadcasters writes a code of ethics
1952 Eisenhower runs 20-second campaign spot
1953 Color television introduced

Photo of Color Television

1953 First 3D film- "Man in the Dark"
1953 First telecast Oscars
1954 US Senate hearings on the effects of television violence on juvenile delinquency
1954 First color commercial was aired
1954 The first kids show "Captain Kangaroo" airs on CBS
1954 Academy Awards watched on TV
1954 Roger Bannister breaks the four minute mile live on television

1954 NBC launches "The Tonight Show"
1955 Walt Disney releases "Lady and the Tramp," the first feature animation in CinemaScope
1956 Rocky Marciano becomes the first heavyweight Champion to ever finish his career undefeated

1956 Don Larsen pitches a perfect game. One of only 20 perfect games in MLB history but this one was more special because it was during the World Series

1956 Elvis Presleys first film, "Love Me Tender," is released
Theatrical trailer for "Love Me Tender"

1956 Ampex Corp introduces the videotape
1956 First practical remote control invented by Robert Adler
1958 NFL's first ever game to go to overtime

1959 Quiz show scandal rocks television industry
1959 From Ampex, a mobile videotape recorder
1960 Television appears in 90% of all US homes
1960 Kennedy and Nixon debate on television
1960 U.S. television industry receive $2 billion in advertising, double that of radio
1960 First 30 and 60- second television commercials
1960's Voluntary rating system
1960-Roone Arledge became vice president of ABC Sports. He created ABC's Wide World of Sports.

1961 Kennedy makes nation’s first live, televised presidential press conference
Second round of Senate hearings on television violence
1962 Wilt Chamberlain becomes the first player in NBA history to score 100 points in a single game
1962- All-channel legislation
1963- FCC begins regulation of cable
1963 **Walter Cronkite** (CBS) was the only anchor present to announce the assasination of President John F. Kennedy

1963 Networks begin 1 ½ hour newscasts
1963 TV officially surpasses newspapers as the main source of information
1965 All three commercial television networks broadcast in color
1965 First color newscast by KSDK
1966 Cable banned from large cities
1966 The Oscars were broadcast in color for the first time
1967 Public Broadcasting Act
1967 Evening news increased from 15 minutes to 30 minutes by NBC, ABC, and CBS
1967-Color Television was first launched on BBC2 in the UK in Europe.
1968- Joan Ganz Cooneyfounded the Children's Television Workshop.
1968 MPAA movie ratings introduced
1968 60 minutes debuts
1968 Bob Beamon's sets the record for Long Jump during the 1968 Olympics live on TV

1969 Bill Russell wins his 13th ring in his last ever Championship game and becomes the player with the most rings in NBA history

1969 "Sesame Street" is launched by Public Broadcasting
1969 First TV transmission from the moon
1969- Indie film Easy Rider
1970- film chronicle of the legendary 1969 music festival, Woodstock is released.
1970 Action for Children's Television (ACT) forced a reduction in advertising during children's programming
1970 Monday Night Football debuts on television
Monday Night Football Logo

1971 "The Ed Sullivan Show" ends on March 28
1971 Closed Captioning is introduced to the public
1971 The Financial Interest Syndication Rules becomes effective after being enacted by the FCC
1972 The very first episode of The Price Is Right aired

1973 The Miami Dolphins complete NFL's first and only undefeated season

1974 Home use of VCR begins

Photo of VCR
1975 HBO goes on satellite
1975- Ted Turner invented the Superstation (TBS).
1976 WTBS, first basic cable service
1978- Max Robinson became the first African American co-anchor at ABC World News Tonight
1976 First home video cassette recorder is introduced by Sony called Betamax
1976 ABC premiere of Family Feud.

1976 Barbara Walters became the first woman to co-anchor the NBC Nightly News.
external image AP071210049954.jpg

1977 20% of US advertising are made up of TV Advertising Revenues
1977 The first episode of the mini series "Roots" is aired on ABC
1977 George Lucas releases "Star Wars"
1977 "Third Kind" is released
1978 Digital audio and video recording adopted as media industry-standard
1978 Indecent programming restricted between 6 a.m and 10 p.m.
1979 Prestel, first videotext (closed captioning) system
1979 ESPN is launched
1980 MTV was launched on August 1st
1980 PBS begins using satellite transmission to link the network's stations
1980 CNN the first 24-hour news station debuts

Ted Turner, CNN's Founder in 1980
1981 "Raiders of The Lost Ark" is released
1982 Dolby Surround Sound is introduced in homes
1982 "ET" is released
1983 Michael Jackson's "Thriller" most famous music video of all time.
1983 Michael Jackson first ever moonwalk on Motown 25 aired on TV

1983 Direct satellite broadcasts to homes begin
1983 The first ever Press Your Luck Show televised

1984 Federal Cable Policy Act
1984 The Cosby Show is showed on TV for the first time

1984 The first syndicated Jeopardy with famous Alex Trebek is showed on TV

1985 Quincy Jones was the //first// black to be nominated as producer for a Best Picture nominee
1985 The first Blockbuster store is opened in Dallas, Texas
1985 "Rambo" is released
1985 NBC is first commercial television network to begin using satellite interconnection for its stations
1986 Dolby SR is introduced
1986 "Top Gun" is released
1986 Pixar Animation Studios was made an independent company
1986 October Fox Broadcasting Company takes to the air as the first successful fourth national television network
1986 Diego Maradona cheats and scores the famous "Hand Of God" during the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico during the quarter finals against England. Maradona's Argentina ended up winning the Worcld Cup

1986 Oprah Winfrey Show is aired for the first time

1986 Double Dare airs on Television for the first time

1987 Fox television network debuts
1987 "Crocodile Dundee" is released
1988 Hollywood writers strike over reduced pay for reruns in foreign countries and over reduced residuals for hour long programming
1989 First ever Simpsons Episode on TV

1990 Children's Television Act mandates broadcast television programming specifically designed for children
1990 Seinfeld, first episode of major television sitcom is aired
1990 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, first episode is aired on NBC

1993 First ever MMA/UFC fight

1993 Closed Captinoing becomes required
1993 WWE Raw is aired for the first time

1994 98% of all American households owned a least one TV set, 63% received basic cable

1994 USA host its first ever FIFA World Cup

1995 Toy Story, the first all-digital hit movie is released
The WB and UPN networks debut
1995 Disney also released the hand-drawn animation Pocahontas, the first to be based on actual events and people
1996 more than $5.8 billion in movie tickets were sold, an increase of $0.3 billion from the previous year
1996 invention of the dvd
1996 Telecommunications Act passes, relaxes broadcast ownership rules, deregulates cable television, mandates television content ratings
First public HDTV broadcast in the US
1997 "Titanic" is released and becomes the highes grossing film in Hollywood history (at the time)
1997 Parental advisories instituted for television programs
1997 Tiger Woods becomes youngest and first colored Masters Champion ever

1997 King of the Hill premiers on Television

1997 Mike Tyson bites off Holyfield's ear twie live during the 3rd round of their fight

1997 Mediamorphosis by Roger Fidler introduces the idea of media convergence
TiVo digital video system introduced
Netflix founded
1998 First V-chip introduced
1998 Kobe Bryant becomes the youngest player to participate at an NBA All-Star game at 19 years old on TV

1998 Michael Jordan's game winner with 10 seconds left during the NBA Finals

1998 First ever Pokemon Anime is showed on TV

1998 Mark McGwire becomes the first to hit 70 home runs in one season
1998- Digital TV Broadcasts hits the airwaves
1999 "The Blair Witch Project" becomes the most profitable movie of all time
1999 Viacom merges with CBS television
1999 Digital (including wide-screen HDTV) television broadcasting starts in the U.S.
1999 First ever Sponge Bob Squarepants is showed on TV

1999 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is aired on TV for the first time


2000 AOL acquires Time Warner
2000 DVD's out sell VHS tapes

2001 WWF/WWE Smackdown is aired for the first time after 9/11

2002 Lisa Leslie becomes the first woman to dunk in the WNBA on TV

2002 First episode of American Idol aired on FOX

2002- FCC mandates digital receivers by 2007
2003- Itunes store is available for Windows users.

2003 FCC Institutes relaxed media ownership rules
2003 TiVo debuts
2003 First DVD camcorder is released

TiVo logo and box
2004 Mel Gibson's is released and becomes the high grossing independent film of all time
2004 Kaena: The Prophecy, the first full-length 3D-generated animated film from France
2004- Cable content and pricing face government scrutiny

2004 The image and video hosting website Flickr is founded

Flickr Logo
2005 YouTube is the world's most popular online video community
2005 First ever YouTube video "Me at the zoo" is uploaded

2005 Disney released its first in-house computer-animated film, Chicken Little
YouTube site up and running
2005 Tyra Banks Show is aired for the first time

2006 The fastest goal scored in a collegiate women's soccer game is scored airing on TV

2006 Zinedine Zidane head-butts Marco Materazzi during the final of the World Cup live on ABC

2006 Blu Ray DVD's are released
2007 Tony Dungy becomes the first African American coach to ever win a superbowl

2007- Hollywood Writer's Unions go on strike demanding payment for the distribution of their work on the internet.
2007- Afterworld TV series

2008 First $1,000,000 winner of Deal or No Deal

2008 Hulu launched by NBC and NewsCorp
2008- Hollywood Writer's Unions strikes end
2008 Michael Phelps wins record 8 Gold medas at the Olympics

2008 Kathy Cox becomes the first ever Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader one Million dollar winner

2008 President Barack Obama becomes the first colored president and gives his acceptance speech live on CNN

2009 avatar becomes number one movies in the box office ever
2009 Television converts from analog to digital
2009- Disney releases its first of a series of nature documentary films on Earth Day called "Earth".I
2009 Precious was the first ever best picture nominee to be directed by an African American filmmaker, Lee Daniels
2009 Michael Jackson's Memorial Service is held and broadcasted live around the world, from the U.S. to Slovakia to parts of Asia, with an estimated one billion viewers

2009- The hit kids book " Where the Wild Things Are", comes out in theaters.
2009- Movie called “Taking Woodstock” is released.

2009 Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift's first ever VMAS award live

2010 First 3D TV
2010 LeBron James makes his decision to transfer to the Miami Heats live on ESPN

2010 Akron Zips win the school's first NCAA team title in any sport live on ESPN

2010 Tivo Premiere XL HD recorder
Picture of New Tivo
2010- February 19, 2010 Tiger Woods apologizes for cheating on his wife on live tv.

2010- 10 year old opera singer Jackie Evancho performs on America's Got Talent.